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The Esbart of Granollers was founded in 1931 and, therefore, it has more than 85 years.


Since then, it has gone through different moments, situations, and directors. Traditionally focusing

its activities in performing traditional dances in Granollers, closely linked to the festivities of the city

such as the Festa Major and the Ascenció.


Since 1991, with the formation of a new board, a process of revitalization started: revision of the

statutes, restructuration of the group, inclusion of former dancers…


The most significant change was given by the teacher. Carles Morales joined the group in 1995

with the aim, among others, to work in transforming the dances that were often in shows.


                                                                     In 2000, the city of Granollers dedicated a tribute to Mr. Josep Maria Ruera. As a collaboration, the Esbart

                                                                     created four choreographies from the prestigious musician. One of them was broadcast by TV3 in the

                                                                     program Sardana.







In 2001, the Cos de Dansa group was presented at the Music and Dance Competition in Cantonigròs and it was awarded with the 6th position.


Due to the request of the Esbart, Granollers City Council decided to dedicate a square to Mr. Josep Sala i Perramon, who was the founder and the director of the association for more than 50 years. For this reason, the Esbart built in the square a monument inaugurated by Mr. Vidal i Gayolà and the Mayor of Granollers.


2002 was the year of the children's groups (creation of the three groups). In March, in the Cultural Center of Vilanova del Vallès, the show Plou i fa sol, en Risto balla sol was carried out.


Between 2003 and 2006, two different shows were presented by the Esbart, Blaüncs and Eclèctic. These shows were presented in many different cities around Catalonia and in Menorca.


In 2008, the Cos de Dansa developed a new project: Aleatori. It consisted in several choreographies inspired in twenty songs from Lluís Llach. Aleatori was performed nine times around Catalonia.


In 2011, the Esbart’s younguest groups presented a new show: Somia i… Balla, Ton! The story of Ton,

a traveller and a dreamer. Pep Callau and the folk group "La Boina" joined the show accompanying the

young dancers.


In 2014 the Cos de Dansa won the third prize in the Festival of Music and Dance in Cantonigròs. At the

end of that year, Carles Morales left the direction of the group, and since then, Muntsa Pou is the new

director. At the same time, the board of the Esbart was renewed.


In 2016 the President of the Parliament of Catalonia, Carme Forcadell, received a delegation of the

Esbart due to the participation in the International Folklore Festival. During 2016, the Cos de Dansa took

part in the Jornades Europees de Patrimoni, in collaboration with the Museum of the city of Granollers.


In 2017, the children’s groups of the Esbart will present a new show titled: Ballant al cel com un estel.  



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